Access to healthcare should be a right in a country as rich as the United States. Disproportionately high rates of drug and alcohol use, obesity, pediatric care, and preventative medicine exist unchecked within certain groups. Couple this with inequitable, inaccessible, and inadequate service amongst women, minorities, rural, and low-income communities and the United States places at the low end of most health metrics amongst developed nations. Poor health leads to higher healthcare costs and less economic productivity across the board. The US health system must be overhauled to fix systemic issues that threaten our sustainability.

George will:

  • Support plans of Medicare for all who want it. Growing up, in part, in Germany I witnessed a healthcare system that provided health access to everyone who wanted it for free. Private insurance was still retained by over 10% of German citizens. Regulations allowed the government to keep health related prices low. Germany’s system is not perfect though. Public health and preventative medicine are still lacking in Germany. But, overall, Germany spends between $7000-$10,000 less per person every year than the US with sensible controls and without restricting individual rights to private insurance. I’ll fight to bring similar, more robust plans to the US.
  • Propose expanded services and support to individuals, and families, living with autism. My little brother is autistic. I watched for years as my father and stepmother fought through IEP’s and inaccessible or unknown service offerings to provide him with the care he needed and deserved. In him we were blessed with a bright, engaging, and capable human but it wasn’t without often preventable challenges. My plan will eliminate some of the challenges and give these families and individuals easy access available resources.