I believe in an America that doesn’t penalize a student for being born in a rural area or inner city. One that educates students and opens doors to the future without bankrupting them.

I believe in an America that provides women full access to the opportunities, respect, and choices that men have in regard to their health, bodies, work, education, mental well-being, economic prospects, societal freedom, and time.

I believe in an intelligent and socially responsible America that can celebrate wealth without perpetuating and villainizing poverty. I believe we can maintain high infrastructure standards with clean, safe technology. I believe we can create the conditions for job growth. I also believe that everyone can have equal and affordable access to these jobs, supported by adequate training and qualifications to not only find employment but keep it.

I believe that the greatest country on earth must provide affordable healthcare, housing, and nutritious food options to everyone. We should prioritize community focused social services, a public health approach to curbing gun violence, and targeted resources to educate, rehabilitate, and end substance abuse.

Free childcare from birth to two years of age and public childhood education that starts when children are three years of age should be a priority. This alone would boost US productivity as millions of families, and more specifically mothers, would have the option to pursue careers and the ability to raise families without crippling childcare costs. Additionally, early childhood education is an investment in the future that gives American children an early competitive advantage in a rapidly growing global economy.

I believe that it is our responsibility to support the lifelong mental and medical health, social reintegration, and financial well-being of military veterans that answered the call to defend our freedom and advance the United States’ interests around the world.

I believe in criminal justice reform that views policing as a partnership between law enforcement and the communities they serve. A partnership built on trust, mutual responsibility, and respect.

I believe that loving our neighbors is not just an extension of faith, but rather a core principle of who we are. Loving people no matter who they love. Loving people no matter where they come from. Embracing immigration policies that recognize the richness and history of our diversity with thoughtful legal pathways to citizenship. Thoughtful diplomacy abroad that shows leadership and prevents dangerous and gut-wrenching refugee emergencies at our borders and abroad.

I believe in these things for America because Marylander’s show me it’s possible every day. From the neighborhood improvement associations to the community programs to combat the effects of poverty, violence, and miseducation. I believe it whenever I see the smiling face of a farmer’s market vendor or have deep conversations with business owners and lifelong residents in my Fells Point neighborhood. It’s why I chose to start my family here.

As your representative I will carry the beliefs of Maryland’s 2nd District to Capitol Hill every day. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our collective vision is realized and that meaningful steps are taken towards the country we’ve earned and deserve. We can and will make Progress Now!

Do you believe?