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George Croom For Congress

Finally! A Democrat with a Viable Gun Reform Plan.

Baltimore, MD: The George Croom For Congress campaign today released the first of three major campaign ads on social media and the campaign’s website. This first ad on gun reform is a major shift in the way Democrats talk about gun violence and gun reform. It is accompanied by a 12-point bill proposal that Mr. Croom will continue to refine with public health professionals, law enforcement, and community advocates. The bill proposal will be introduced as legislation at the beginning of Mr. Croom’s freshman term following successful wins in the upcoming Gubernatorial Primary Election on 28 June 2022 and the Gubernatorial General Election on 08 November 2022.

“I’ve lost family and friends to gun violence throughout my life. Not to mention seeing numerous soldiers that I’ve served with and led in the Army National Guard take their own lives by firearm suicide,” says Mr. Croom. “My plan isn’t to take guns away from legal and responsible gun owners. I’m one myself. However, we will introduce a bill that’s able to win bipartisan support and prevent guns from getting in the hands of those that shouldn’t have them.”

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About George Croom: George Croom is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s 2nd District. George is running to bring a new type of leadership to the U.S. Congress. He is defined by lessons learned through public service as a special education teacher and advocate for Latino business owners and immigrants. He has worked with local governments throughout the country to achieve affordable housing for working families, fought for Veterans’ rights on Capitol Hill, and is currently serving as an officer in the Army National Guard.