Access to healthcare should be a right in a country as rich and as prosperous as the United States. Disproportionately high rates of drug and alcohol use, obesity, pediatric care, and preventative medicine exist unchecked within certain groups. Couple this with inequitable, inaccessible, and inadequate service amongst women, minorities, rural, and low-income communities and the United States places at the low end of most health metrics amongst developed nations. Poor health leads to higher healthcare costs and less economic productivity across the board. The US health system must be reimagined to fix systemic issues that threaten our sustainability.

George will:

  • Support plans that provide healthcare for every American. Bill Franklin was my mentor and a man that I regarded as a father figure. He had heart valve sleeve surgery following an aortic root aneurysm in 1999. At the time he carried insurance through his employer that covered the surgery and subsequent follow up appointments. In 2004, Bill was laid off. For over a year, without the benefit of health insurance, he missed the follow up appointments. His sleeve slipped one night in the spring of 2005 and he died alone in his kitchen. It’s since been my mission to ensure that nobody is left alone when it comes to having healthcare. Therefore, I will seek to add a public option of Medicare for everyone. Healthcare is a right, and not a privilege. The United States is the only developed nation on the planet that does not have universal health coverage for its citizens. Far too often, the greed of the healthcare industry prioritizes profits over the needs of the people. I’ll work to ensure that no individual loses their life, home, savings, or career due to a lack of health insurance.
  • Propose expanded services and support to individuals, and families, living with autism. My little brother is autistic. I watched for years as my father and stepmother fought through IEP’s and inaccessible or unknown service offerings to provide him with the care he needed and deserved. In him we were blessed with a bright, engaging, and capable human but it wasn’t without often preventable challenges. My plan will eliminate some of the challenges and give these families and individuals easy access to available resources.