Comprehensive immigration reform will be a principal priority during my time in Congress. I have worked and played amongst some of the largest immigrant populations in every place I’ve lived. In Alexandria, VA I learned to appreciate cultural dance and the magical diversity of chickpeas eating Shiro on late nights with my Ethiopian friends. I found family amongst my Hispanic friends in Winston Salem, Houston, and LA. I forged an entrepreneurial spirit working with my Jewish partners in Hollywood and roommate of Italian descent in Washington D.C. I was introduced to the history of cultural pride listening to stories of survival from the families of my Persian friends in the San Fernando Valley. America unlike any other country is a beautiful mix of experiences and cultural differences. If harnessed and preserved this richness and flavor keeps us great. It keeps us whole. It informs us about worlds we may not understand and through that understanding we’ll lead by example in a world collectively striving to better understand itself.

George will:

  • Propose stand-alone immigrant integration and education legislation. We must properly integrate newcomers by providing pathways to success through education, healthcare, and employment that make the American dream possible. My plan provides the framework for proper integration of immigrants and their families living in Maryland and around the country.