My granddaddy and grammy lived on a combined $600 a month before their deaths. $600 was the extent of their social security benefits after spending decades sharecropping in their home state of South Carolina. They moved to Washington D.C. later in life. If it weren’t for extremely low-budget, rent-controlled housing and children with varying degrees of career success to bridge the funding gap they likely would have succumbed to homelessness and starvation. While the fight to maintain solvency in the social security program is at a fever pitch millions of seniors currently live with the threat of crushing poverty due to Cost-of-Living Adjustments that don’t adequately account for their true costs to live. I’ll fight to ensure that seniors are given the support they’ve earned and deserve now while working to fix our social security and minimum wage problems moving forward.

George will:

  • Propose Social Security benefits credit for individuals caring for dependent family members without compensation. The fact is that millions of Americans, mostly women, find themselves taking care of dependent family members with the reality that the social safety net won’t be there to catch them when they reach retirement age.
  • Create the framework for a truly progressive minimum wage. The federal minimum wage should increase. However, imposing one-time boosts doesn’t help workers overtime, forcing them to continuously fight for increases. Moreover, small business owners are hurt by dramatic wage increases with little time to adjust their business models and forcing painful layoffs. A $15 an hour minimum wage may sound appealing, but it will have the unintended consequence of raising prices on all people. While $15 an hour may be great in some areas, it is not a living wage in other areas. My progressive minimum wage plan will help workers without endangering the small business employers they work for.