We’ve come a long way to level the playing field for women in this country. However, the truth is, strides still exist to make that field equal. As a country we can’t remain competitive if women are continuously devalued by debt after divorce, inadequate access to affordable childcare, told that poor tips are equal to living or even minimum wages, that social security doesn’t credit their years of caring for dependent family members, and the long list of other roadblocks that aren’t always exclusive to women but disproportionately impact them in comparison to men. Women raised me. Though I can’t claim to fully understand their entire struggle I vow that through me their struggle will be heard, acknowledged, and that steps are taken to see those struggles lessened and, in some cases, eliminated during my time in Congress.

George will:

  • Fight to protect a woman’s right to choose. Roe vs. Wade gave women the explicit right to have an abortion without government intervention. This right should remain absolute. Safe and legal means to terminate an unwanted or unhealthy pregnancy should be the exclusive decision of the woman, with input only from those that she chooses to support or inform her decision.
  • Propose a more stringent annual review of hiring practices and pay discrepancies at all companies that receive federal grants, subsidies, or operate a government contract. Reviews for private companies and institutions that receive federal grants, subsidies, and operate a federal government contract are only conducted on statutes governed by the contract or agreement. The internal processes of such entities aren’t currently a focus, or legal factor, during these reviews. I will work to ensure that companies doing business with the federal government are inclusive and equitable for women.
  • Propose stronger regulations protecting women’s reproductive and general health needs. Many communities across the country, especially in rural areas, have limited access to services that support the general and reproductive health needs of women. Services, like Planned Parenthood, are being defunded in an effort to restrict a woman’s right to choose. In doing so, women are at a greater risk of dying as they miss annual mammograms and other vital exams. I’ll work to expand women’s options for these services and ensure that political fights don’t stand in the way of practical and necessary health measures.
  • Seek to bring back the Equal Rights Amendment. This will be done without a timeline designation for states to ratify. The original ERA was setup to fail with a specific ratification timetable. Women do not have the same protections in the constitution as men. It is past time for our nation to have equal rights for all of its citizens.