Americans have the imagination and ambition to solve some our countries greatest problems. For instance, 1 in 3 Americans live in a county that was hit by a weather disaster in 2021. Whether you believe that climate change is manmade or not, you must believe that American ingenuity can solve that problem. Through targeted training and investments that create jobs in green industries we can unleash the productivity of millions who just need an opportunity to reach their full potential.

George will:

  • Continue to push for passage and implementation of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act protecting the rights of all Marylanders to participate in collective bargaining. The worker protections that all employees have was brought about through organized labor. There are currently 28 states that have passed right to work legislation. These laws were put into place to disrupt union’s ability to protect workers with the ultimate goal of eliminating unions, worker protections, worker safety standards, and the loss of collective bargaining to drive down wages of all workers.
  • Propose corporate incentives for regional investments made in high schools and colleges. Corporations have an inherent responsibility to support the communities they inhabit. Part of that responsibility is to provide high school and undergraduate students in their region with training adequate enough to secure jobs within their companies.
  • Propose federal training programs in greener, more sustainable industries. My mom, a high school dropout that obtained her GED, was the beneficiary of a federal training program. That program gave her the skills to join the US Army and later pursue a career as a DOD civilian, retiring comfortably after 36 years of service. A study by Edelman showed that a majority of workers worry that they lack adequate skills and training to get high-paying jobs. My plan will shift us towards a greener, more sustainable economy while creating jobs in Maryland for well-trained and resourced Marylander’s.